About G. Brunatti & Sons

Aerial view #1 of downtown Parry Sound shows where Brunatti Self Storage is located next to G. Brunatti & Sons Ltd. manufacturer, retail and wholesale of a variety of products.

Ranging from boat and automotive covers, to awnings, tarpaulins, portable ice huts, emergency evacuation stretchers and gazebos covers. Many products are distributed Canada wide and world wide!

G. Brunatti & Sons Ltd., a family owned and operated venture in Parry Sound since 1939, re-located to 85 River Street in 2002. For more about this sales and manufacturing company, visit G. Brunatti & Sons Ltd. Then in 2006 the Brunatti Family purchased McIsaac Self Storage adjacent to the Brunatti property on River Street.

The Brunatti Family is not only counting on the fact that McIsaac Self Storage is well established and plans to continue to provide friendly, service to existing customers, but is also expanding the facility, creating more storage space to service more people in need of safe, reliable, storage.

Aerial view #2 is from the opposite direction of the view in the image above.

Brunatti Self Storage is easy and quick to get to no matter where you are in the Town of Parry Sound. Located where River and Cascade Streets meet, Brunatti's can be accessed via main routes including Bowes Street, William Street, Cascade down from Church Street, and Isabella Street down to William and over to Cascade.

In aerial view #3 is a closer look at the neighbourhood in which Brunatti's is located. Brunatti Self Storage is right in the heart of Parry Sound!